What is Mag-Probe?

This magnetic sensing probe is a completely safe, non-contact instrument, which allows troubleshooting without schematics or special training while eliminating time consuming and cumbersome hook-ups.

  • Drastically reduces troubleshooting for solenoid valves, relays and/or anything that has an electrically energized coil or winding
  • Isolates problems as electrical or mechanical in seconds without a schematic
  • Tests electrically operated solenoid valves 99% faster than a voltmeter
  • Variable sensitivity
  • The most versatile and effective magnetic tester on the market
  • Fast troubleshooting during equipment operation
  • Will not short live circuits
  • Corrosion, water and chemical proof
  • Can be used in any environment

The Mag-Probe® will allow many of its users to get their money back on the first test.

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Aircraft Mechanics

Mag-Probe® magnetic field detector is a great tool for testing operation and troubleshooting of many aircrafts systems. Mag-Probe® can be used for testing of aircraft relays, fuel valves, bleed valves and much more.

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Oil and Gas

The Mag-Probe® will always protect oil and gas electrical technicians in explosive environments. It is completely encapsulated in a non-conductive material and no contact has to be made during testing.

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Elevators Maint. & Repair

Elevator technicians worldwide are reducing troubleshooting considerably using the Mag-Probe®. Where time is money, reduced down-time is important.

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The Mag-Probe magnetic field detector has been in my toolbox for the last 2 years. I use it to simplify troubleshooting and as a result reduced ground time of aircraft considerably. Now I cannot imagine being without it.
S. Johannesson, PART 66 EASA Licenced Aircraft Engineer
I just love this tool. I don’t know what I did without it. It saves me and my company a lot of time and money.
David Canner, Freelance Aircraft Mechanic
The Mag-Probe is a time saver. I work for a gas company and almost everything is explosion proof. To test a solenoid valve without your Mag-Probe tester we would have to open the explosion proof housing to check the voltage across the solenoid. This can be time consuming. With your probe we just hold it up against the solenoid and watch the LED light up when the solenoid is energized. We have been using the Mag-Probe for years and what a time saver.
John Rojas, Natural Gas Company Employee
The nice thing about the Mag-Probe is it is very portable and easy to use when testing ice cube relays. This is an indispensable tool for technicians.
Kevin Gittemeier, Controller at Madden McFarland
What a fast way to check ice cube relays on older lifts when you don’t have the benefit of an LED in the relay. It’s always good to get a lift back up in operation as soon as possible.
Kevin Gittemeier, Controller at Madden McFarland
Just yesterday we had a mechanical failure with a B737 fuel valve. My colleagues were running around with a Fluke meter. It only took me a few minutes to isolate the failed fuel valve with the Mag-Probe.
S. Johannsson, PART 66 EASA Licenced Aircraft Engineer
I received the probes and can’t thank you enough. I’ve been using the Mag-Probe for 10 years as a locomotive electrician and it is one of the tools I use on a daily basis. With electronic fuel injection it is easier than a meter to see if voltage is present at the injector. These are some of the best probes I’ve ever used, thanks so much again for your help.
Your product works very well. I like the compact design and ease of use. I utilize it mainly in the troubleshooting of solenoid valves in dialysis machines. The opportunity to see that a valve is physically opening or closing real time significantly reduces searching for a valve which may be causing flow errors.
John, Medical Equipment, Jacksonville, Florida
One of the most innovative and inexpensive tools of this century that offer an astronomical ROI.
Don Fitchett, PLC Training Instructor, BIN Industrial Training
We use the Mag-Probe in the lab to ensure magnetism is present and then to make sure the magnetism is gone after our checking for cracks.
Pean67, Academic/Professional Researcher, Ionia, Michigan
I use the Mag-Probe in the field to check coils on solenoid valves to see the coil is good.
The probe works very well at sensing magnetic fields on solenoid valves and relays.
It is somewhat fragile and has to be handled with some care.
This is the second one I bought and would recommend it as a useful troubleshooting tool.
Randy, Oregon, Illinois
Ordered these to replace other we have had for 8 years and used in the field. Great product.
ControlsTechSJF, Monroe, NH
Very handy to test and troubleshoot electric solenoid valve operation, in the field and in the lab.
Just hold it next to the coil of the valve and you will know if and when it is energized.
David, Monroe, CT
I’ve had the opportunity to use the Mag-Probe while working on irrigation valves. It’s a big time saver, especially when needing to trouble shoot. Thanks for the creative instrument tool. I like it. It’s a winner.
Rich Wagner, Expert Tree & Irrigation Services, Phoenix, Arizona

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